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Are you addicted to dating apps?

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We offer free, confidential help for anyone who is worried about their own, or someone else’s, dating app usage. Does the swipe have you prisoner? Don't suffer alone. Learn more about our support group on Thursday. Register here.

How we help the swiper

I'm worried Hinge has made me unhinged.

Sleepless nights? Feeling like a full-time job? If you think dating apps could be a problem - we've got the information, advice and support you need.

Dating apps bore me yet I still use them.

"New match" has no meaning anymore. You're numb to daily matches. If you are finding dating apps too accessible, let us teach you how to control yourself. You are not alone. 

Matches are NOT resulting in dates.

A match is a quick fix, but is your usage relentless and stopping you from really meeting your life long partner? Regain control and take your life back. You are worth the wait and so are they.

Join our support group on Thursday.

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Stop wasting 6 days of the week swiping on Tinder or liking on Hinge. One day you'll meet so take the first step and join us on Thursday. We are here for you. 

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Everything in moderation.

The quest to find love seems overwhelming. Take a step back, embrace being single, and stop letting dating apps dominate. 

6 days of the week, spend time you.*

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Understand the risks of dating apps and know what they involve before the addiction takes its hold and it's too late. 

*Not a dating app. But on one certain day, indulge yourself.

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Tips for moderating usage


Not found who you're looking for?

Stop looking 6 days of the week. For help, support & advice about dating app addiction please contact the National Dating App Helpline over the phone or online:

 0808 8420 141

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